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Win&Win Wecourse Chest Guard

Win&Win Wecourse Chest Guard

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30806LWin&Win Wecourse Chest Guard - LRM 116.60  87.45
Stock: Stock available
30806MWin&Win Wecourse Chest Guard - MRM 116.60  87.45
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The Win & Win Wecouse chest guard is made from a nylon open mesh, breathable material worn around the chest with an adjustable high quality elastic strap.

  • Soft pliable open weave nylon.
  • Easy one point connection with secure magnetic fasteners and a simple adjustment.
  • Double padded back for comfort and support.
  • Smooth surface means less friction.
  • Keeps loose clothing from interfering with your bowstring
  • Instructions and diagrams on the back of packaging.
  • Colour - open weave black with discreet Wecouse logo.
  • Sizes available - large and medium.
  • RH only

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